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Simple Ways to Ground Yourself

Are you feeling stressed, overworked, confused, panicked, clumsy, angry, or drained? Then you may want to try out these simple ways to ground yourself.

What is grounding?

Grounding is when you fully connect and balance out your perspective with the physical world.

Since our conscious is an infinite current of energy, it would be like removing the excess flow of energy from this infinite current, which grounds us to the physical world, just like removing excess energy from an electrical charge.

For example, if an appliance has too much energy, it can malfunction, but once you take away the extra energy, it will work just as it should.

Why should I try grounding myself?

It’s ideally good to be grounded everyday, but seeking out the act of grounding yourself especially comes in handy when you’re feeling anxious, overrun, drained, or any “negative” emotions that you may be feeling.

Grounding can make you feel centered and balanced with your true and most authentic self. Thus, when you’re grounded, you can make decisions on what you and your soul truly need while at the same time, respecting others around you.

This is especially help when you are going to make a major life decision such as a career move or relationship change. Any conversation or decision that requires your utmost care will go smoother if you ground yourself beforehand so you can make the right choice for what your soul truly needs while honoring the other people involved.

Furthermore, grounding can help provide a sanctuary from any emotional pain that you are suffering or may have suffered in the past.

When you have suffered in the past, it is hard to leave the past and stay present. Grounding yourself can help you come out of those traumatic memories and find stability in the present.

Simple Ways to Ground Yourself

Grounding yourself sounds pretty profound, but doesn’t something so great or achieving new heights means a lot of work? Not exactly.

Grounding yourself doesn’t have to be one huge act. You can choose simple ways to ground yourself, which overtime can add up and make a large impact.

The important part about working on grounding yourself is being conscious of your intentions, not how much time you physically spend spend on grounding yourself.

Here are simple ways to ground yourself.

Disconnect from Technology

Before doing any grounding work, disconnect from technology. Step away from the computer, turn off the phone and put down the TV remote.

If you’re trying to ground yourself and let go of excess energy that may be running through you, it’s best to include the energy of electronics too.

Take Deep Breaths, Preferably Outside

Take deep breaths in and out. Even if it’s for 3-5 minutes, it’s nice to inhale into your stomach to expand it, and exhale releasing your breath fully.

Breathing in and out deeply will help you connect with the present moment and will give you a momentary break from feeling anxious about the future or depressed about the past.

As you practice this simple way to ground yourself,you will help condition your mind to focus on your breath and the present.

If you can step outside while you take deep breaths, then this would be an added benefit because of fresh air and connecting to nature.

Bring Attention to the Present Moment

Besides breathing deeply, find other ways to bring attention to the present moment such as doing a body scan. This will help you divert your attention from your busy mind.

Start with your feet, and move up all the way to the top of your head. How does your feet feel? Are they cold or hot? How do they feel when you wiggle your toes?

Repeat this with all your body parts, and be present with your body, not your mind.

Go for a Walk

Go for a walk, and get close to nature. Being with nature is the ultimate simple way to ground yourself.

Even try taking your shoes off and walking barefoot on the ground. The earth supports and holds us as we carry on our lives everyday. It’ll feel good to connect to the physical ground that can help balance us out.

Eat Root Vegetables

Because root vegetables grow underneath the earth’s surface, it will have its frequency and create a grounding effect so eat root vegetables!

Some examples of these root vegetables are beets, turnips, sweet potatoes, carrots, radishes and potatoes.

An easy way to eat these are by chopping them up, tossing with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and roasting them in the oven for delicious roasted vegetables.

Use Grounding Stones

Crystals have tremendous power in helping us heal. They are literally born from the earth to balance out chaotic environments and can help our bodies and souls do the same.

Grounding stones have certain frequencies that keep us grounded. You can hold onto one in your pocket or wear it as jewelry to keep you grounded.

Some examples of stones that are good for grounding are tiger iron, black opal, onyx,, red coral, obsidian, smoky quartz, and hematite.


Spend time with other people who are grounded. Like minerals and crystals, people emit frequencies too, which you can absorb.

Being in their presence can influence your ability to ground yourself simply through touch. The grounded individual can do this as easily as holding the ungrounded individual’s hands or feet.


Meditation can help you connect with your true soul and stay in the present.

A specific way to meditate is to do grounding meditations visually. When you meditate, picture yourself a tree with energy going down from the top of the tree all the way into the center of the earth. Picture the energy doing this through your roots, which are grounded deeply into the earth. Attach your roots strongly into the earth, and let the energy cycle up and down from the sky to the earth.

Of course, meditating outside could be even more beneficial.

Any of these simple ways to ground yourself can help you become more centered and connect with your soul.

Have any tips on how to ground yourself? Share by commenting below!

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